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Reflexology Courses

Confused about training?
We're not surprised!

Professional Reflexology gives you genuine, no nonsense advice.
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New Network Group
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Lyndsey Jones Group Leader

An Interviw with..
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Lorraine Senior

Featured Therapist
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Emma Baxter

New PR
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In Ireland

PR's David Wayte Hits The Headlines!

jubilee college teaser

 "You are doubling the chance of getting pregnant and also you don’t have the horrible downside of the side effects of IVF"

Jubilee College principal and Professional Reflexology Director David Wayte PRM has been acheiving a 60% sucess rate in helping couples conceive (through Reflexology!).

Here's a great article & interview about his approach and much more, published this week in Mancunian Matters!



Check your details!

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 Please make sure that your Directory entry, (Find a Reflexologist), and your webpage entries are up to date and published. Publication does not happen automatically, because we cannot post Member details on our website without your permission, and it is up to each Member to make sure that their entries are as they would wish.

It is really easy to update your membership details, after you have logged into the Member Area in the ‘Edit My Details’ menu. For example if you move or change your telephone number you can change this under ‘Edit My Personal Details’. This contains the details we need for postal and Member registration, but this is not published.

‘Edit My Webpage and Listing’ details are those which will appear in your directory listing and on your personal webpage. Please remember that everything that you put into your practice details will be published, so for example if you work from home and do not want your full address to be published simply don't complete that section.
You must publish your post code for the directory, but you can just use the first part for privacy if you wish e.g. SW19 or CV34.

Please check your details to make sure that they are correct. It will only take a couple of moments do so, and it would be a shame not to take advantage of these free benefits giving such great publicity for your practice.

Nice Petition (Palliative Care Guidelines)....The Result!

You Did It


A HUGE pat on the back to all Professional Reflexology Members and friends who signed the Professional Reflexoloy petition to NICE Re: NICE guideline on Supportive and palliative care in adults. This shows just what can be acheived if you feel passionately about something

Our petition was signed by over 6000 people and over 1900 comments were sent to NICE. This is what they sent to us via Email:


"NICE would like to thank stakeholders for their interest in this guideline and their support with the development of the guideline scope. We have received a large number of comments on the draft scope from people concerned about our proposal to remove recommendations on access to complementary therapies and other topics from the update to the improving supportive and palliative care guideline (CSG4) and to update other parts of the guideline. We agree that the current recommendations within CSG4 are important and still relevant. Having reflected at length on the range of comments received we have decided to retain this guideline and to develop a new guideline on the service delivery element of the end of life care for adults."

Welcome to our Public Pages

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Professional Reflexology Membership (PRM) is a mark of the highest standards of training, ethics and reflexology achievable by a UK Reflexologist. By maintaining membership criteria above all other Associations it gives status to our members and confidence to clients that their treatments will be competent, safe and professional.

All the articles below are open to the public, please enjoy and remember:
When you choose a Reflexologist make certain that they have PRM after their name.

What is Reflexology?

what is reflexology
Reflexology can be many things to many people.
But please don't think of it as a foot massage.
Reflexology is a precise complementary therapy, not to be confused with beauty treatment.  Nor thought of as an alternative to conventional medicine, but as complementary to any medical treatment being received.

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Choosing a Reflexologist

find reflexologist

We believe that it is essential in choosing a reflexologist
that you should be able to have complete confidence, safe in the knowledge that your therapist is well trained, fully qualified, and competent to treat you and your problem in a professional manner. All Professional Reflexology Members PRM meet our stringent requirements for Membership.

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Professor_Angela_HobbsIn Praise of Reflexology: a Client's Experience
Prof. Angie Hobbs PhD FRSA

As a Professor in Philosophy, I approached reflexology twenty years ago with some wariness. I have a PhD in Ancient Philosophy from the University of Cambridge and I am not, I think, at all 'suggestible'. I am trained in rational scepticism; I like to see a strong argument based on evidence.

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fertility and reflexology

Reflexology and Fertility

There's no doubt that treatments for infertility and subfertility can be emotionally exhausting, highly stressful, and also very expensive. Reflexologist Natasha Ellison suggests that reflexology may help.


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