Cardiff Network Group

alex critten


Alex Critten is our Group leader, and she writes:

We are a new warm and friendly group and meet at the Oystercatcher in Penarth. Our group aims to fully support each other and finding ways of raising each others profile to draw more business.

Our meetings are quite varied from chatting about raising the profile of reflexology and doing treatment swaps. We also have guest speakers and training events - one of our forthcomming events is a Suzanne Enzer Maternity Course Part 1 and 2 - if members would like to attend, please contact me for details.

To contact Alex, you can e-mail her on

The next meeting is Wednesday 2nd April. We will be discussing

- CPD - Following email conversations with Suzanne Enzer, I have been contacted by Jenni Grant, who works with Suzanne, confirming that would love to take up my offer of coordinating the Enzer Maternity Reflexology 1&2 courses here in South Wales.

- Suitable locations for CPD, as group members were going to be enquiring about potential locations, so we will be getting feedback about that.

- No guest speakers but then that will be discussed as a point for the next meeting.

- Meetings are to be held every six weeks

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