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PR Podcast

PR podcast 01 hagar basis

Welcome to the first episode of the PR Podcast!
Join Martyn Finke from Professional Reflexology and guest Hagar Basis from the Reflexology Academy London for a great discussion about the therapy. Covering traveling, history, journeys, techniques, and much more. They also discuss the recent comments from Dr. Hilary Jones on Reflexology on his appearance on the Lorraine TV show and how skeptics view complementary therapies, plus they answer questions from the public and reflexologists.

The PR Podcast aims to give insights into what Reflexology is, how it works, success stories, journeys and anything else you can think of to do with this amazing therapy, along with listeners questions, plus interviews with a whole host of very special guests in every episode.

So, join Martyn Finke from Professional Reflexology and friends, for the PR Podcast

Spotlight On... 

Balance Holistic 250

Balance Holistic from Knaresborough, North Yorkshire

Please join us in welcoming Principal Karen Smith into the Professional Reflexology Practitioner Diploma family!"Having experienced a variety of complementary therapies, I began my professional training in clinical reflexology to develop my interest further and begin another journey in my life".

If you are interested in joining the wonderful Karen in your next life journey (and working towards a PRD), her 2019 school year begins on January 27th. Just Email karen@balanceholistic.co.uk
or call 07932 088 168 for more information!

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Publication does not happen automatically, because we cannot post Member details on our website without your permission, and it is up to each Member to make sure that their entries are up to date.
It is really easy to update your membership details. Log into the Member Area, and open the ‘Edit My Details’ menu. For example, if you move or change your telephone number you can change this under ‘Edit My Personal Details’. This contains contact details PR need for Member registration, but are not published.

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Please check your details to make sure that they are correct. It will only take a couple of moments do so, and it would be a shame not to take advantage of these free benefits giving such great publicity for your practice.

PR Diploma Logo 250PR Diploma Launched

Professional Reflexology is proud to officially announce the launch of our brand-new qualification, the Professional Reflexology Practitioner Diploma (PRD).

First of all, we would like to thank those who have already applied to teach the PR course either by opening a new school or in an established venue. Plus all of you who have given words of encouragement and support. We were genuinely excited by the enthusiastic reception to our initial announcement, and have already run orientation days for our first 3 schools, all of whom will be announced shortly.

row Teaser 250 

Reflexologist of the Week

Not a competition, all full Members can apply, and we will be putting one of our members in the spotlight on the front page of our website every week plus posting across social media, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. To become involved and promote yourself with the full back up of PR, all you need to do is answer a few short questions about yourself and send us a photo and your links and you will be added to the feature (on a first come/first served basis).

Just click HERE to download the question sheet and get involved!

In Praise of Reflexology by Prof. Angie Hobbs PhD FRSA

So at my first session, when my reflexologist asked me about my symptoms and medical history, I said that I should prefer to say nothing and see what she diagnosed during the treatment. At the end of the session we would compare notes. She was remarkably open to this suggestion, and good-naturedly got to work. I was astonished at how accurate and precise her diagnosis was – not just about the current symptoms that had brought me to her in my mid-thirties, but about my entire medical history going back 25 years. She even picked up on a neck injury that I had sustained when I was 14! During the years that I have visited her since, I have been impressed time and again at the precision of her diagnosis. At the beginning I was undergoing a series of conventional tests at my local hospital; yet she found the exact location of the medical problem before my consultant did. When I told the consultant that my reflexologist suggested we look in a certain spot first, he was initially dismissive; but when he discovered she was exactly right, he told me that he felt he should rethink his formerly disparaging view of reflexology.

It is not just the diagnostic capacities of reflexology that I have found extremely helpful. In my view – admittedly not scientifically tested – reflexology has also benefited me a great deal therapeutically, particularly with chronic problems that more conventional forms of Western medicine sometimes struggle with: muscular aches, sinus problems, insomnia. I also feel very comfortable with a form of therapy that aims to get to know and treat the whole person, and which views 'physical' and 'psychological' states as intricately interwoven. I firmly believe that reflexology has helped keep me strong and sane even during some very testing times. And just having 40 minutes of peace, when you are assisted in first unwinding and then in recharging your batteries, is enormously beneficial in itself!

I am aware that a number of Western scientists say that there is no scientific evidence for reflexology. All I can say is that my experience suggests to me that, if so, this is because the scientific evidence has not yet been found, not that it does not exist. After all, electricity existed before humans 'discovered' it. I view reflexology not as an alternative to Western medicine, but as complementary to it. If I really need antibiotics, or surgery, than I will have them. But I definitely regard reflexology as profoundly and consistently beneficial to my psycho-physical well-being. I am not rich and if I was not happy with the results of my fortnightly treatment, I would not keep paying for it!

More from Angie Hobbs:


Listen to her BBC "Desert Island Discs" here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b050yh93

...and follow her on Twitter: @drangiehobbs

NB. A Professional Reflexologist will never diagnose a medical condition, all references to diagnosis in this article are the clients own words.

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