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The Anahata Centre
Reflexology School Lincoln

"Glenys has a wealth of knowledge to impart to her students, not only with regards to reflexology but also life in general. She does this in a caring, loving and fun way. I feel privileged to have been part of the first group of students to study clinical reflexology at Level 5 and have made some lovely friends, gained an immense amount of knowledge and skills and developed spiritually, too." Sheena S


Reflexologist of the Week

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Professional Reflexology is launching an ongoing weekly feature (exclusively for our members).

We will be putting one of our members in the spotlight on the front page of our website every week and posting across social media, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. To become involved and promote yourself with the full back up of PR, all you need to do is answer a few short questions about yourself and send us a photo and your links and you will be added to the feature (on a first come/first served basis).

Just click HERE to download the question sheet and get involved!

Mastership Masterclasses

allison walker 200Allison Walker PRM., Principal of the Contemporary Reflexology College, is hosting Mastership Masterclasses which are designed for Level 5 graduates to develop and progress their skills.

Each masterclass has a main topic to be covered with an opportunity for the participant to ask for any specific help with a technique that the group might find helpful.
The current topic covers foot problems such as plantar fasciitis, Morton’s neuroma and metatarsalgia and how to help clients through the reflexes, zones, trigger points, meridians and emotionally.
As with all Level 5 Masterclasses, it does cover the subject in depth and some pre-course reading and post-course study is encouraged.

The next Masterclass will be held on Sunday 25th March at the W.I Hall in Solihull, West Midlands.
For more details and how to apply CLICK HERE

 Hagar Basis: Reflexology and Fertility Issues

Hagar Basis190


Hagar Basis, principal of the PR Affiliated Reflexology Academy in London recently talked with Israeli Reflexology Association about her approach to reflexology and fertility issues. 
Hagar teaches internationally and last year was a speaker at the Reflexology in Europe Network (RiEN) Conference in Brussels, and later this year she will be speaking in Taiwan at the ICR conference once again presenting  Reflexology for Women’s Health

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I recently awoke to find that I’d developed Bell’s Palsy.

livi 200

For anyone who has had it, you know how scary it can be.
Luckily for me, I’m aware of the condition and diagnosed myself rather quickly. I couldn’t close my eye, lift my lips to smile or feel the left side of my tongue. A virus causes the trigeminal nerve to stop working, basically, causing facial paralysis and the face to drop.

Scary, but not life threatening!

Day One wasn’t fun...

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Professor_Angela_HobbsIn Praise of Reflexology: a Client's Experience by Prof. Angie Hobbs PhD FRSA

Prominent British Philosopher gives us a fascinating insight into her reflexology journey... 

"As a Professor in Philosophy, I approached reflexology twenty years ago with some wariness.
I have a PhD in Ancient Philosophy from the University of Cambridge and I am not, I think, at all 'suggestible'. I am trained in rational scepticism; I like to see a strong argument based on evidence.

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Welcome to our Public Pages

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Professional Reflexology Membership (PRM) is a mark of the highest standards of training, ethics and reflexology achievable by a UK Reflexologist. By maintaining membership criteria above all other Associations it gives status to our members, and confidence to clients that their treatments will be competent, safe and professional. All the articles below are open to the public, please enjoy and remember:

When you choose a Reflexologist make certain that they have PRM after their name.

What is Reflexology?

what is reflexology
Reflexology can be many things to many people.
But please don't think of it as a foot massage.
Reflexology is a precise complementary therapy, not to be confused with beauty treatment.  Nor thought of as an alternative to conventional medicine, but as complementary to any medical treatment being received.

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