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We are now able to offer PR Members Holistic Therapist Magazine completely free!!
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Yet another great deal for PR Members is the special prices  we have arranged on the Beautelle range of Therapy equipment. This means that Members can choose from the widest variety available, but at a discount. Many Members practice other therapies and the Beautelle catalogue has everything you are likely to need!! 
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holistic approach to health

The Holistic Approach to Health

Simply put holistic means whole, that is mind, body and spirit together. Complementary therapists like reflexologists look at the whole person, their lifestyle, their work and home life, medical background etc. and approach treatment holistically.

The reasoning behind this is simple in that we would all agree that if we are physically unwell, then often our mental performance will suffer. Likewise if we are under a lot of mental stress, then we are likely to feel physically low.

The holistic approach is one in which treatment is given to the whole (mind, body and spirit) rather than just to the symptoms of the problem. In this way the holistic therapist is looking towards treating the root causes of the condition, at the same time as trying to ease the symptoms. This holistic approach is at the heart of all complementary therapies and as the word complementary suggests, these therapies are intended to complement, not replace conventional medicine. If for example, you are taking prescribed medication no responsible complementary therapist would suggest that you should stop doing so. The treatment is complemetary not alternative.

less stress for the nhsLess Stress for the NHS

Because, as Reflexologists, we are used to helping our clients with a wide variety of conditions it is easy to overlook how having regular reflexology can be a great preventative healthcare treatment. Reflexologist Lynne Benfield qualified  in 2007, and she enjoys running her practice in rural Oxfordshire.This is Lynne’s story and it shows just what we mean.

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