Choosing your Reflexology Training 

The one word we hear more often than any other about Reflexology training is MINEFIELD! 

And it's not surprising with so many different Reflexology courses advertised on the internet, so it really does pay to do some research before choosing which one is right for you.
The Professional Reflexology Association (PR) is the only organisation to Affiliate Schools. These are chosen by the quality of their training only. They do not pay us to carry their advertisements or to affiliate them. This way we can guarantee you totally impartial advice.

All PR Affiliated Schools will give you high-quality training regardless of the qualification level at which they teach.  They all provide the contact training needed to become a competent Reflexologist and PR is the only Association to insist on a classroom-based minimum. PR does not accept members from qualifying from short, fast track or distance learning courses.
Our advice is to avoid online and 'Fast Track' if you want to practice our wonderful Therapy.

choose right for you

PR Affiliated Schools offer the following routes to quality training:

  1. The Professional Reflexology Practitioner Diploma (PRD)
  2. Level 5 Diploma in Practitioner Reflexology 
  3. Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology.

All these qualifications will enable you to practice, importantly become insured, and give access to Professional Reflexology Association as a full member.

choosing the right course

Professional Reflexology Practitioner Diploma. (PRD)

Reflexology is a hands-on practical therapy. Therefore, you would expect your practical training to be of paramount importance. You may be surprised to know that no other UK qualification gives any guarantee as to the attention to, or the quality of, your practical training.

Developed by Reflexologists with 50 years’ experience in practice and training, with the PRD qualification a minimum of 40% of face to face time with your tutor is required to be spent in developing your practical skills. It is the UK's most up to date qualification and fully complies with National Occupational Standards and the new (2018) Core Curriculum for Reflexology.
With small class sizes and expert contact tuition, all necessary underpinning knowledge is included, with all content being relevant to a professional reflexology practitioner.


Agored Cymru L5 Diploma in Practitioner Reflexology

L5 stipulates a minimum of 160 hours of contact teaching. The content provides a high level of theoretical/academic study.

Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology:

This is the most common and widely available Reflexology qualification.

All Professional Reflexology Affiliated schools teach to, and above, the criteria for their chosen qualification
Therefore, training at an Affiliated School guarantees that you will be trained proficiently.
Feel free to call for advice if there is a school at which you want to study 0208 1444 909

For more information on top courses near you:


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