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Decrease in PMS Symptoms

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A Significant Decrease in PMS Symptoms

A controlled study* carried out among a group of volunteers who had previously complained of distress from PMS symptoms has shown a significant decrease in these symptoms following reflexology treatment.

Taking place in California, the study ran over six months with the participants recording their symptoms, both physical and psychological, throughout. During the middle two months the volunteers were divided into two groups each of these being treated by qualified reflexologists; however, individuals in one group received eight 'genuine' reflexology treatments and the other group eight placebo treatments. Within the placebo group, the therapists worked with areas not relevant to the treatment of this condition. Both groups believed that they were receiving genuine reflexology.

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We firmly believe that the benefits of Reflexology should be publicized to as wide an audience as possible.
We also believe Reflexologists should have the backing and support that they deserve, from practicing reflexologists.

To back up those beliefs, Professional Reflexology and its online magazine ReflexologyNews was launched in the spring of 2010 by a group of reflexologists and tutors with over 100 years experience. Our membership criteria are set high which is just one reason why:

PR is the fastest growing Reflexology Association representing the very best of UK Reflexologists.

What you are missing:

  • Every member has a  free mini-webpage optimised for search engines
  • Articles dedicated to making your clinic a success
  • Business Snippets
  • Reflexology news from around the world
  • Fantastic discounted members insurance
  • Local support groups and 'Reflexology Buddies'
  • Membership at just £59.00!!

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Professional Reflexology was launched in the spring of 2010 by a group of reflexologists and tutors with over 100 years’ experience. Our membership criteria are set higher than other organisations which is just one reason why: 
PR is the fastest growing Reflexology Association representing the best of UK Reflexology.
Here are some more reasons

  • Run entirely by reflexologists
  • Every member has a free mini-webpage optimised for search engines
  • Over 200 articles online dedicated to making your practice a success
  • Regular interviews with the best-known names in Reflexology
  • Reflexology news from around the world
  • Fantastic discounted members insurance
  • 'Reflexology Buddies'
  • Membership just £59.00!!

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professional reflexology practitioner diploma

Professional Reflexology Practitioner Diploma Launched

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Professional Reflexology is proud to officially announce the launch of our brand-new qualification, the Professional Reflexology Practitioner Diploma (PRD).

First of all, we would like to thank those who have already applied to teach the PR course either by opening a new school or in an established venue. We were genuinely excited by the enthusiastic reception to our initial announcement, and have already run orientation days for our first 3 schools, all of which will be announced very shortly.

The course has been developed taking into account the comments from our recent surveys and feedback from students over the last couple of years. It was important for us to listen to what everyone had to say, and this has been a huge factor in the process. Hopefully, this short outline will answer a few initial questions you might have and show you what we are doing.


So what is different about the Professional Reflexology Practitioner Diploma?

Well, quite a lot! But here are a few things we are excited about:

  • The course written by practicing reflexologists and tutors with over 50 years experience, has a modern, focused structure with a high proportion committed to practical reflexology.
  • The course consists of five core units, essential to providing a high-quality basis for training. Unique to the PR Diploma,  each school chooses a set number of additional units from our ancillary unit list. This means that they will be able to choose, teach and gain recognition for subject areas about which they are passionate. And as we all know, if you’re passionate about something, then it’s most likely you will do it better! We know that this will have a hugely positive & inspiring effect on the learning experiences of students.
  • We are the first to introduce mandatory minimum hours of in-class practical training, and we have ensured that all aspects of the course are relevant to the practising Professional Reflexologist.

  • Another aspect of which we are proud is that we are dedicated to making use of technology and keeping everything as "green" as possible. We have, in our own schools over the last few years, developed and tested an easy-to-operate “cloud” based system which will be invaluable, not only for students but in helping schools to administer coursework, case studies and marking etc. This will keep everyone’s paperwork and printing to an absolute minimum.

 Professional Reflexology Practitioner Diploma: Key Points

Application Criteria

In order for you to run a school, you must have a minimum of three years as a practising reflexologist and have a relevant teaching qualification.
If you meet these criteria we will invite you to attend a 1-2-1 Orientation Day to get to know each other and to explain and discuss all aspects of the course units, philosophy and procedures. We will also be able to illustrate the unique level of help and support that will be available to you!

Quality AssuranceProfessional Reflexology School

We are totally committed to ensuring that our quality assurance is vigorous in order to maintain the highest of standards across all of our schools. Once again our methods are unique. When a school is established, we have innovative systems in place to enable both internal and external verifiers to evaluate standards as the course progresses, rather than annually.


If you are as excited as we are, and are interested in running a PR school, then we would love to hear from you!

Either complete this short form and we will contact you: 

Email us:

Or call us for a chat: 01858 575 410

Apply Here

School Application Form

Thank you for your interest in running a Professional Reflexology School! Please fill in this short form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

If you have any issues with the form, or need help, please Email: or call us on 0208 144 4909

Newly Qualified Hats Off

A Big "Hats Off" to you from Professional Reflexology!!

The hard work has paid off, and now you are fully qualified. We would like to invite you to join PR as a Full Member, and to use the letters PRM after your name showing that you are one of the best trained Reflexologists in the UK. (No need to wait for certificates PR accepts your schools word on graduation!)

There are two ways to upgrade to full Membership:

  1. If you know the username and password with which you registered as a student, make sure you are logged in, then follow this link direct to the subscription page:

  2. If you don't know your username and password let us know by email us at and we will send your details to you.

Once again, congratulations from all of us, and best of luck on your new journey!

 Hagar Basis: Reflexology and Fertility Issues

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 Hagar Basis, principal of the PR Affiliated Reflexology Academy in London recently talked with Israeli Reflexology Association about her approach to reflexology and fertility issues. 

Hagar teaches internationally and last year was a speaker at the Reflexology in Europe Network (RiEN) Conference in Brussels, and later this year she will be speaking in Taiwan at the ICR conference once again presenting  Reflexology for Women’s Health

1. Is conventional medicine in England being supportive of alternative medicine and specifically reflexology in case of fertility issues?

Complementary and alternative medicines (CAMs) like reflexology are treatments that fall outside of mainstream healthcare in the UK. Complementary therapies in NHS (National Health System) hospitals are usually provided free by volunteering therapists.

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I Believe Reflexology Really Helped My Bell's Palsy

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 For anyone who has had it, you know how scary it can be. Luckily for me, I’m aware of the condition and diagnosed myself rather quickly. I couldn’t close my eye, lift my lips to smile or feel the left side of my tongue. A virus causes the trigeminal nerve to stop working, basically, causing facial paralysis and the face to drop.

Scary, but not life threatening!

Day One wasn’t fun...

You don’t know how much you use your facial muscles until they no longer work. Eating, drinking, pouting (no selfies for me for a while...) were all extremely difficult. My words were slurred, ironically the hardest thing to say was “Bell’s Palsy.” I couldn’t blink, causing my eye to dry up making it difficult to see.

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