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‘Every day is a school day’ as the saying goes and it is very true. We should all strive to learn something new every day.


Continuing Professional Development is not just a chore to gain points.

CPD shows how we have maintained and improved our skills. It is a method by which you can learn and improve your treatments and by which clients can enjoy greater confidence in your skills.

The seminars and workshops in our pages all count towards CPD points but more importantly will enhance your practice and the course providers are all members of Professional Reflexology so you can be sure of standard of training you will receive.

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Reflexology Training Today: a Short History

reflexology Ankmahor


Those of you who have been following the recent Facebook threads concerning different levels of qualification and training within reflexology, will know that we have promised to try and clear up the obvious mis-information concerning the subject. Also to explain the events which have led to the current position regarding reflexology training in the UK. Because these events have taken place over 15 years this must be a précis.

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Thank you for your interest in Professional Reflexology. Here are a few reasons why you should join PR and why we will always go that extra mile for our members.

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All of our member benefits are PR firsts or unique to PR.
 We continue to innovate for the benefit of our members. 
The reason we are the 
fastest growing Reflexology Association in the UK? 

Because we do more for our members


Professional Reflexology promotes and encourages the highest standards of Reflexology. PR Members are promoted in our “Find a Reflexologist” directory, and have a free web page on our public site ReflexologyNews.com. This is optimised for Google and other search engines to make sure our Members are easier to find
Two high profile websites for the price of one.

Highest Entry Criteria.
To make sure that the Reflexology treatments our members offer is of a standard we can be proud to promote we have the
highest entry criteria of any UK Reflexology association . This makes sure that our members become recognised as the best trained and most up to date in the country.

Online Articles & News
We have over
200 Reflexology-based articles and more being added every month we provide our members with ongoing news and views. Plus we also post news and views from around the world of interest to Reflexology. A great way to keep up with what’s going on, and improve skills and knowledge.

Facebook Discussion Group
We have recently initiated our own “open forum” Facebook Group for our members to post and answer questions, discuss Reflexology and exchange ideas.

Training and Education
Training and education is extremely important to us and to the future of Reflexology. You may be surprised to know that 
we are the only Reflexology association with a T&E section.
Our Affiliated School members meet regularly to 
exchange ideas and good practice. This is of real benefit to our student members and graduates alike.

Regular CPD Diary
easy to plan CPD diary is updated monthly and keeps Members up to date with the latest additions to CPD seminars and workshops. These diary entries are not paid adverts, they are just the best selected CPD events to give you the most help you with your practice and clients. Another free service from PR.

Straightforward Subscriptions

We offer the choice of 
annual or monthly payments. This is not a Direct Debit so we do not have access to your bank account. Our annual subscription is only £59 per year; incredible value for money.

First and Unique

All of the above are 
PR firsts or unique to PR. We continue to innovate for the benefit of our members. That’s why we are the fastest growing Reflexology Association in the UK.

Join PR
Joining PR couldn’t be simpler – just complete the online registration form (another first) and subscription page and that’s it! (You will need your choice of payment card)



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