Hello and welcome to our brand-new PR website!


Firstly, a big THANK YOU to all our members & contributers. We really cannot thank you enough for the support, ideas and comments over the last couple of years, it's why we do it. Here is a little in-depth run down of what we have been up to....

Professional Reflexology Membership grew by over 50% in the year to the end of December 2013, a fantastic growth by anybody's standards. We must be doing something right! But of course PR have always been innovative leading the way in Member service. 

With all the extra members our systems had become overloaded and groaning! We set about developing a new member management system purpose built just for PR. This has been designed to take care of every imaginable change that may take place in the next few years.

We then realised that the layout of our website was becoming crowded and difficult for new Members to navigate. This is because the content had grown, the sections had grown, but the website hadn't grown and the old menu systems weren't really coping. We really had become victims own success.

Now we hope that everything will be much easier to find. We have planned and published lots of new features, for example there are competitions where you can win free membership, business snippets, marketing ideas, case studies to read, reflexology news from around the world, some inspiring some funny and some bizarre, that will give you an insight into our therapy both in UK and elsewhere in the Globe. Because our members have asked for them some other new features have been introduced. Because our members have asked for them some other new features have been introduced. One of these is our 'Reflexology Buddies' section where you can get help and support from one of our team of volunteers.

We have also made it much easier for you to update your details for your free webpage. This webpage is a significant benefit for members and we will be asking you to make sure that your details are correct and updated. Your webpage is optimised for search engines such as Google and, as you know, second only to recommendation, people looking for a reflexologist in their area do so via search engines and we make sure that, with your help, your page is as high in the rankings as possible.

Membership of PR remains excellent value for money, all of the management team are Reflexologists so we know what it is like to be in practice. Our aim is to help you with your business, help to promote reflexology, and to help you develop as a practitioner.

Thank you all for you support

We are proud to say - 'We do more for our Members'

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