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Academy of ReflexologyThe Academy of Reflexology has been established in Northern Ireland and Ireland to help raise the standard of Reflexology on the island of Ireland. The Academy is now offering Reflexology at Level 5 through the Centralia Mastership which will bring Reflexology to another level and offering courses to match those available in the UK. This training will provide students with the opportunity to qualify as Clinical Reflexologists. 

Dorothy Kelly has more than 12 years’ experience of reflexology and has spent the last few years developing and teaching Fertility Reflexology throughout Ireland as well as facilitating notable reflexology educators from the mainland providing up to date relevant postgraduate training for local Reflexologists.

Dorothy will teach the theory and practical aspects of the course whilst being supported by David, her husband, teaching the anatomy and physiology units.
David too has a wealth of knowledge in the complementary therapy field; qualifying as a Naturopathic Consultant, Emmett Technique & Bowen Technique Practitioner, along with Reiki Teacher and Practitioner, Spirit elected Shaman, Iridologist and Hopi Ear Practitioner.
The Level 5 course is ideal for medically trained people looking to move into the Complementary Health Sector, as well as newcomers with no prior knowledge of healthcare or Anatomy and Physiology. You are introduced to the structure and function of the body in a fun and interactive way alongside the reflexology, so if you are interested in how our incredible bodies work you should really enjoy this course!

There are venues located in both Belfast and Dublin for students wishing to pursue this career path. Each course will commence in October and further details can be obtained at www.dorothykellyacademyofrelexology.com or you can contact Dorothy for an informal chat on 07967736796.


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