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Jubilee College runs a series of CPD events for Reflexologists across its venues and also runs selected courses all across the UK. You will be assured of the widest variety and highest quality of training on a Jubilee College CPD course.


Tired and aching fingers after a hard days work?

Want to reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury? Or, do you fancy learning a radical new method of delivering Reflexology that will set you apart from your competitors?

Finger Free® Reflexology is designed to give a full and deep treatment to your clients, without strain or stress to the fingers or thumbs. This unique, radical, new technique will help to extend your working life, and open up a whole new way of working on the feet.

This course is a must for anyone wanting to improve their practical skills, protect their fingers and prolong their working life.

A Reflexologist writes:

"I practice Reflexology in a commercial and workplace environment - often treating six clients a day. My fingers and hands would frequently be sore and stiff after a full days work. I have found a major difference in the wear and tear I experience using the finger free techniques and feel able to apply deeper pressure throughout the day. I get great feedback from my clients and enjoy using these new techniques."

Watch this short clip to see how Finger Free Reflexology works:


For more information, please visit
or call 0800 540 43 49 and ask for David.


FootprintThis one day seminar is for all Reflexologists with an interest in helping couples conceive.
Reflexology has been shown to have amazing benefits when it comes to infertility for both men and women.  Also, by using enhanced reflexology techniques, the development of the foetus, together with the process of birthing, can be greatly assisted. This course is different to most in that there is equal emphasis on male issues and female problems. Masses of practical content as well as good theory foundation.


 Delegates will be able to:

  • Understand what causes infertility for both women and men.
  • Identify key reflexes to work on, and know how to use them.
  • Have a knowledge of supplemental help to aid clients fertility.
  • Know how to use Reflexology to make pregnancy more comfortable for the Mum-to-be.
  • Use Reflexology in a pre-natal situation to make labour shorter and less painful.
  • Learn how to stimulate for labour on an overdue Mum.

David Wayte will be delivering this one day seminar.  David has had many years experience and success in helping couples overcome infertility, and was also filmed for the BBC3 series 'Make Me A Baby'.


For more information, please visit
or call 0800 540 43 49 and ask for David.


cancer ribbonJubilee College has prepared a packed and comprehensive one day seminar, designed for all Reflexologists who have an interest in working with cancer and the terminally ill.

There is more and more evidence that Reflexology can help alleviate pain and anxiety, and this is especially helpful in a palliative seting. Hospitals and hospices have recognised the value of Reflexology at this most difficult time, and many are now employing Reflexologists to work alongside the care team.

The days will focus on how to adapt practical techniques and adjustment of pressure - specialist techniques will be taught to give Reflexologists the best practical focus for clients in this situation. Along with a high proportion of practical skills. This course give a perfect blend of practical and theory, equiping Reflexologists to be able to treat the terminally ill with confidence. Delegates will be given a full handout to take away with them, full of useful information for incorporating reflexology into a clinical setting and end of life treatment.

Delegates will be able to:

  • Safely work with the terminally ill.
  • Adapt treatment styles to suit the client.
  • Linking techniques
  • Creative Imagery and Reflexology
  • Energetic Field Reflexology
  • Synergistic Harmony Reflexology
  • Lymphatic massage (Lower leg)
  • Have knowledge of particular areas and treatment plans to focus on.


For more information, please visit
or call 0800 540 43 49 and ask for David.

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