There are four contact tuition days – the course is divided into two parts of two days each.
Content of the course:-
  • Rationale for Precision Reflexology.
  • Location of “linking” reflexes – students will be shown how to connect to specific reflex points.
  • Sharing of case study experiences
  • Exploration and discussion of the concept of energy in relation to reflexology and the Chakras.
  • Practical work on each other.
Venues – the School of Precision Reflexology is based in Devon but there are  additional venues throughout the U.K.
For information and a current CPD schedule please contact Jan Williamson via the website,   Email is Telephone is 01626 853236.
Recommended reading for this course is The Complete Guide to Precision Reflexology by Jan Williamson, ISBN 13-978-1-85642-410-3
Advanced Precision Reflexology
All qualified Precision Reflexologists are eligible to attend this two day course which centres on the  “Unseen” treatment using foot massage and the “linking” technique connected to the Chakra system.  This unique approach has been developed by Jan as a result of years of experience using Precision methods.  Unseen work involves using a variety of modalities which are based on the treatment responses  and these  form the basis of a healthcare plan for each client.  The aim is to involve clients in their own care using traditional, “low-tech” ways. Each student draws on their own expertise to produce an individual programme of working.
Content of the course:-
  • Unseen treatment procedure.  Jan will demonstrate and students will have ample opportunity to practice on each other.
  • A range of therapies, including relaxation and breathing techniques, nutrition and yoga-based exercises will be used to show how to develop treatment plans.
  • Each student will use their own expertise and knowledge of other holistic therapies to form treatment programmes.
Venue – this course is based primarily in Devon but occasionally at other venues in the U.K.  For details of cost, availability etc, please contact
Jan Williamson via the website  or email or telephone 01626 853236



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