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Hello and welcome to the Professional Reflexology Association.Full Membership of PR is not available to everyone, so the letters PRM after your name are the mark of your professional standing. Wear your badge with pride!

Please make a note of the Username and Password with which you registered, so that you can log in at any time to update and improve your profile, and access articles and everything else on the site.

Some of our articles are available to the public to publicise Reflexology. Member only articles can be read when logged in by clicking ‘Articles’ on the Main Menu. (You will find some menu items only appear after you have logged in.)

There is a helpful presentation about getting the most of PR here: https://goo.gl/UjHovH  

When you set up your listing and webpage in ‘Find a Reflexologist’ please read the article on improving your profile to make your webpage more visible to search engines. Please note that to have your listing & mini-web page appear on the website you must tick ‘publish’. Student Members (PRMs) have full access to all Member services, with the exception of listing and webpage.

A great place to ask questions and chat with other Members is the PR Members’ Hub, our new Facebook group for members only. PR Members Hub

Thank you for joining us, and If you have any questions or comments about anything at all to do with PR then please let us know. We always welcome articles, features and things of interest to our members!


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