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Sandra Trevor-Wilson PRM  

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My name is Sandra Trevor-Wilson PRM and my practice is Relaxing Therapy in West Byfleet, Surrey.
I recently qualified at Level 5 having studied at the Susie Jennings School of Reflexology
I live with my husband in a fairly large village. We have a cat that behaves like a dog; this could be down to the training! We have an allotment and love eating our own fresh produce. I enjoy walking and have done a couple of “Moon Walks” the half and full marathon. I love being by the sea and hearing the sound of the waves, being outside in the sun. I read a lot of books usually Reflexology or therapy related.

I wanted to do something different with my life but hadn’t a clue as to what. I had worked for twenty plus years as a bespoke curtain and bedding maker until the orders started to dry up as cheaper options were available. Needing a job to pay the bills I started working at the local Waitrose and am still working there three days a week. At the time my mother-in-law was in a care home, her dementia had worsened and she was no longer able to stay at home. We visited her daily as the care home was just up the road from us. I would sit holding her hand, patting, squeezing and stroking it. I was always amazed by how this calmed her, and she seemed much happier when we left. I had heard of Reflexology and decided to look into it……. I was hooked and knew that this was what I wanted. I immediately looked for a school that could offer the highest standard of learning, support and a qualification recognised by a professional body.

I would say the best thing about being a reflexologist
is when a client comes to see me and they leave in a different frame of mind; calmer, relaxed and yet energised. I like to do my treatments in low light, so once I have got them settled and looked at the feet, I lower the lighting. I believe this helps the client relax and helps me to concentrate and give the best treatment for their wellbeing, making it an experience they want to repeat.   

As a recently qualified Reflexologist who is still working in a supermarket while building up my business, I don’t really have many success stories; I do, however, have a few that gave me the confidence to continue with this wonderful journey that I have begun. During my training one of my case studies was a hayfever sufferer. Usually, she and her colleagues would start taking antihistamines around the same time. After just one treatment she no longer needed them and as yet still doesn’t. The treatments were once a week for seven weeks. Another case study was a woman trying to conceive, she had other hormonal problems too. She became pregnant one month after our treatments had finished and has recently had her little boy, whom I am eager to meet. The treatments were a roughly a week apart for seven weeks.

The other is my husband who has suffered anxiety and depression along with agoraphobia for thirty plus years. While he still has what we call a “little blip” he is so much better than he was. He has always told me I have healing hands and helped him remain calm, even before reflexology came into my life. This spurs me on to learn more about holistic therapies. His treatments are whenever I want to practice or when he feels the need for one.

I love that reflexology it is so beneficial not just for the client but for me too. After a treatment I meditate, this helps me with grounding and rebalancing. When clients return and comment how well they felt after a previous treatment; it is the cherry on the top.”

 To contact Sandra: -


Telephone: 07764 464259



Michelle Kyle Jones PRM 

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Michelle runs MJK Reflexology, an independent reflexology business in Sutton, Surrey and is one of our first PR members and graduates of level 5 reflexology. We ask what her why she became a reflexologist and what’s made her a successful reflexology practitioner.

Why did you choose to become a reflexologist?

In my late 30’s my biological clock was ticking, we’d been trying to conceive for over 10 years, it just wasn’t happening and we had all but given up trying until a friend at work suggested I give reflexology a go. I remember telling her she was crazy if she thought someone could rub my feet to get me pregnant, it was the most ridiculous thing I’d ever heard, but something was just nudging me to have a session, nothing to lose right?

After 3 monthly sessions I fell pregnant, I could not believe my eyes, and not only that, 3 months after he was born I found out I was pregnant AGAIN!  Needless to say, I gave reflexology a wide birth for a while, (excuse the pun), although not for too long.  I was convinced this weird and wonderful therapy was the reason I had two beautiful boys, I could not ignore the fact that there is so much we don’t know about our bodies.

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 Suzanne Travis PRM

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Suzanne is from Belton Doncaster and is married with two children. She trained with the Northern School of Reflexology, qualifying in 2006. Suzanne says: -

I am married with two children, now young adults and making their own way in the world. I love my work, 5 rhythms dancing, and every now and again I come back to my creative work, whether it be painting, drawing, felt making or stained glass.

In my 25-year teaching career, I always felt I was ‘wearing the wrong pair of shoes’.
It took me 5 years to leave teaching, gradually reducing my hours until I finally took the plunge and left in order to train as a Reflexologist. I trained and qualified with the Northern School of Reflexology in 2006. Reflexology wasn’t my first choice when I was scouting around for some kind of healing practice. However, little did I know that a whole new world was about to open up before me and over the coming years, I was to discover that Reflexology can benefit not just the whole body, but also deal with emotional and spiritual issues as well.The exploration of my subject gradually lead me down the pathway of working with the meridians with a fascination for energy-related techniques.

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