Choosing your Reflexology Training


There are many different Reflexology courses advertised on the internet,
and it definitely pays to do some research before choosing which one is right for you, from distance learning right up to the Centralia Reflexology Mastership*

Professional Reflexology is the only organisation that can give the best possible advice on training, as we are the only Reflexology Association with a dedicated training section. We are also the only membership association to Affiliate Schools, and these are chosen by the quality of their training only. They do not pay us to affiliate them. This way we can guarantee you totally impartial advice.

ALL our Affiliated Schools will give you high quality training regardless of the qualification level at which they teach, with more than 100 face to face hours of personal tuition guaranteed. This is the minimum contact training needed to become a competent Reflexologist and PR is the only Association to insist on this minimum. PR do not accept members from qualifying from short, fast track or distance learning courses.

Choosing the Right Reflexology Course

choosing the right course

Our Affiliated Schools offer two levels of training, Level 5: The Centralia Reflexology Mastership* and the Level 3: Diploma in Reflexology.

Both of these qualifications will give you access to Professional Reflexology as a full member, the Centralia Reflexology Mastership*  does have more content and includes elements as standard that would require extra courses and seminars if you studied at Level 3.

Because of its reflexology specific content The Centralia Reflexology Mastership* is Professional Reflexology’s preferred qualification and is highest level of training available in the UK. It stipulates a minimum of 150 hours of contact teaching. It was developed by Reflexologists for the sole purpose of training Reflexologists. By the Autumn of 2016 there will be an Affiliated School offering Level 5 in most areas of the country,

Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology: This is the most common and widely available Reflexology qualification. This level, as written, lends itself to distance learning, and unfortunately some schools offer Level 3 qualification from as little as three days contact tuition.
The good news is that Professional Reflexology Affiliated schools all teach a minimum of 100 hours face to face. Professional Reflexology will accept Level 3 Reflexologists for membership but only from a school which upholds this criteria. Affiliated Schools guarantee that you are trained properly.

One last and important point – there are some schools that offer training that has not been properly accredited. Courses may be described as ‘Level 3 equivalent’ or ‘Equal to level 5’. These are not nationally recognised qualifications and the Awarding Body may not be one that is listed on the OFQUAL register

With regard to Centralia/Agored Cymru, they are the ONLY organisation in the UK to have been granted Level 5 status for Reflexology training.

By all means feel free to call for advice if there is a school at which you want to study but are unsure about. 0208 1444 909

CLICK HERE to compare level 3 and Level 5 mandatory course content and features.

*Centralia Reflexology Mastership (incorporating Agored Cymru units at Level 5)

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