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Gentle Touch Reflexology Practitioner Diploma Course
Based in Loughborough this course covers a wide and varied spectrum of information and learning opportunities. We follow the ABC awards course specification and also include extensive insights around the holistic approach and prospective.
Students have to opportunity to also learn many concepts that may become invaluable to themselves, family and clients. In learning about how other people work, we often have the opportunity in learning more about ourselves.
This course is structured to include many levels of information that can be absorbed at your own pace.  The course is divided into modules and aspects will be covered at the teaching session and in home learning. Additional tuition will be provided by visiting members of the school to provide you with the highest level of tuition possible. Everybody who teaches on this course is friendly, knowledgeable and has a great track record of providing excellent and accessible training.
Throughout this course you will be given extensive opportunities to learn the practical techniques under the direct supervision of Sue Ricks. You can expect to receive expert guidance, help and encouragement through every step of the way. Later on in the course there will be opportunities to work on visiting clients in supervised conditions.
An additional benefit of this course is that you can also acquire an additional excellent qualification in Anatomy and Physiology Diploma. This separate qualification can be taken at the same time within the same course and can be transferable to other courses in the future i.e. massage, body work etc.
You will be given advice and guidance on the most effective ways to build a professional career according to your choice. There are endless opportunities within the field of reflexology ranging from self-employment, voluntary work through to business support and clinical research. Reflexology is one of the few careers that can be useful in just about any situation, industry or cause.
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