The International Institute of Reflexology (IIR)

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The International Institute of Reflexology
teaches the Original Ingham Method® as formulated by the late Eunice Ingham. The IIR is the only school licensed to teach the OIM® by law.

IIR (UK) is a branch of the IIR, with headquarters in Florida, USA

The IIR qualification is taught and recognized in many countries around the world. The UK branch was established in 1972 and since then has been at the forefront of reflexology development and training in the UK.

The IIR team of Directors and Tutors provide quality training courses on a regional basis. All IIR tutors are in long term established reflexology practice and contribute a wealth of clinical experience to the learning and development of students.

We are passionate about our reflexology training. The IIR Diploma Course ensures the highest level of comprehensive instruction in the skills and techniques pioneered and developed by Eunice Ingham. These techniques form the foundation of the therapy and provide students with the valuable tools and confidence needed to go on to become successful reflexologists.

On graduation you will be awarded with an International Institute of Reflexology Diploma Certificate, and be eligible to join as a full member of Professional Reflexology and the Association of Reflexologists Your qualification is recognized by major insurance companies, the NHS and The Reflexology Forum.

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