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Reflexology Academy is a forward thinking school committed to providing a high standard of training and continuous professional development in the field of Reflexology. Selected as a partnership centre with Centralia, it is currently the only provider of the fully accredited Level 5 Reflexology Practitioner Training course in London.


We are passionate about our training, and continue to ensure the highest level of comprehensive instruction in the skills and techniques that form the solid foundation needed for professional reflexology practice. Although the learning is intensive, it is equally great fun which makes the course an enjoyable experience. We see it not only as the corner stone to a new and rewarding career, but part of a truly positive and life transforming process integral to your own individual journey as a therapist.

Once graduated Reflexology Academy students have the ability and confidence to go on and practice in both the private and public sector, such as in the NHS and as clinical reflexology practitioners. Reflexology Academy provides continual support for its graduates alongside an extensive post graduate and CPD programme.

Reflexology Academy benefits from its director, Hagar Basis’s 25 years of practical experience as a reflexology educator and practitioner. This has enabled her to refine, adapt and enhance techniques for their therapeutic effectiveness, integrating the very best for a unique and powerful approach which is integral to Reflexology Academy’s practical training programme.

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