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At the Professional Reflexology Association, we have the highest Membership requirements of any Reflexology Member organisation. We can uphold these standards because of the outstanding training that is given at our Affiliated Schools and by their passionate tutors.  Here we point the spotlight on a different school each week and know that the Reflexology training you will receive is the best you could choose.

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The Anahata Centre
Reflexology School Lincoln

"Glenys has a wealth of knowledge to impart to her students, not only with regards to reflexology but also life in general. She does this in a caring, loving and fun way. I feel privileged to have been part of the first group of students to study clinical reflexology at Level 5 and have made some lovely friends, gained an immense amount of knowledge and skills and developed spiritually, too." Sheena S

Anahata is a Sanskrit word representing the Heart Centre, or Chakra, which expresses itself as compassion, empathy, acceptance and trust. It is the seat of balance in the body and perfectly symbolises the qualities we bring to our therapy and the philosophies upon which our teaching is based. Our logo is a representation of the heart chakra shown in the form of a stained glass picture by Chantal.

We are a reflexology teaching centre dedicated to teaching professional reflexology and one of the first in the UK to offer reflexology at Level 5. The Level 5 Diploma in Practitioner Reflexology is a new level, designed to cater for those who wish to have a more therapeutic and clinical approach to reflexology. The school has an excellent success rate and is known for the quality of its reflexology training.

We acknowledge that choosing the right course for you can be difficult. Be assured that the training you receive is of the highest standard and widely recognised. With this qualification, there will undoubtedly be new career opportunities as we move towards a more integrated healthcare system. There are also opportunities for post-graduate study to qualify you to work in more specialist areas such as Maternity or Cancer care.
Our Course is devised to provide you with this opportunity, whatever your sex, background, qualifications, nationality or religion. The minimum age requirement is 19 years.

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The course is fully approved by Agored Cymru as a Framework of Credit based Units which are fully approved and on the Credit and Qualifications Framework for Wales. We have access to the course, and accreditation via our partnership with the Centralia Academy (formerly Inspira), an Approved Centre in Cardiff. We have chosen this route to qualification as we felt there was a great need for a reflexology centred qualification and, to date, awarding bodies in England don’t feel able to offer this. As a private school, not dependent on Government funding, we are better placed to make this choice. We see this as a very exciting development for our profession.

This qualification is also accepted in Europe through Agored Cymru, and the school is also a member of RiEN - Reflexology in Europe Network.

With our training, you will be eligible to register with the government-backed Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) via either of the therapy specific associations - Professional Reflexology or the Association of Reflexologists. On successfully completing the course, you will be able to practise as a professional clinical reflexologist, dealing with a variety of conditions safely and effectively and you will have the necessary practice management and skills training to enable you to set up your own business, should you wish.

Principal: Glenys Underwood FMAR PRM
Telephone: Tel: 01522 680687
Facebook: Anahata College of Reflexology

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Susie Jennings School of Reflexology: Professional training with a personal touch

"Thank you for all your guidance and support throughout the course.  You teach in such a positive way which really helped to give me the confidence to keep moving forward towards my goal" Karen C

We are one of the few approved Schools in the country to offer the new Level 5 Diploma in Practitioner Reflexology, which is the highest qualification in Reflexology.

With over 20 years experience, our goal is to develop confident and competent therapists. Newcomers to reflexology will finish the course with the skills necessary to start their own successful practice.

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Reflexology Academy

"Hagar Basis is an inspirational teacher; she assists every student allowing them to become confident and professional combining her enthusiasm and energy in this exceptional and powerful method of healing." Michelle Lodge 

A forward thinking school committed to providing a high standard of training and continuous professional development in the field of Reflexology. Our Academy is the only provider of the fully accredited Level 5 Reflexology Practitioner Diploma Course in London and is the highest level of professional reflexology training offered in the UK.

Reflexology Academy offers the invaluable skills that will help you develop, not only as an individual but as a professional in your future career as a therapist. Our educational approach and passion for the subject ensure a rewarding and fulfilling learning experience.

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