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Long Covid

long covid


As the world battled the COVID-19 pandemic,
  a new health condition emerged called Long Covid or Post-Acute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 Infection (PASC). Long Covid is a perplexing and ever-evolving health condition that affects individuals who have recovered from the acute phase of COVID-19 but continue to experience a range of persistent and lingering symptoms. This condition has left many people grappling with its unpredictable and often debilitating consequences. It is estimated that up to 1.9 million people in the UK have been affected by Long Covid. In this article, we will explore the causes, symptoms, and long-term effects of Long Covid to help you better understand this health condition.

How to Avoid a Scam

avoid a scam


In recent years, scam emails and phone calls have become increasingly prevalent and sophisticated, targeting unsuspecting individuals, and posing significant risks to their personal information, finances, and overall security. It is crucial to be well-informed and proactive in safeguarding yourself against these fraudulent attempts. This article aims to provide you with practical tips and strategies for recognising and avoiding scam emails and phone calls, ensuring your online safety and peace of mind.

A Case Study

reflexology case study



Very much in the news recently, Motor Neurone Disease was the subject of a PR Student Member's Case Study some time ago when it was less understood than it is now.

This would have been a difficult case to undertake when a Student but perfectly describes the journey over a series of ten treatments.



Pride Social Media Bundle

Pride Month 

June is Pride Month all over the globe. Here at Professional Reflexology, we stand with the LGBT+ community this month (and all months!) in celebrating Pride. We have put together this bundle for you so you too can join us in celebration this June.

Social Media Quotes

PR Quote


Stuck with what to post next on your Social Media?

We have collated all of the best-received quotes we’ve posted on our social channels from the last few months. Use these with whichever social channels you choose. 

Log in and go to Member Downloads for your free bundle.

Professional Reflexology Podcasts 

professional reflexology podcast


Podcasts have quickly become a fantastic way to catch up with a wide range of subjects and Reflexology is no exception.

PR has produced a great set of podcasts with well-known contributors from the world of Reflexology, plus clients and supporters of our therapy, sharing their opinions.

All ready for you so just click the picture to listen in!

Social Media Packs for Members

social media pack


Check out our Member Packs.

Available in our Member downloads section to help you get the very best from your Social Media, These packs cover subjects such as 'Why Reflexology' and 'Stress Awareness' all to enhance your Social Media campaigns.

And completely free, just like all our Member downloads

Doing more for our Members!

Newly Qualified Member Pack

newly250 74



When we are first qualified, we could all do with that extra help to get your practice up and running.

Professional Reflexology has always been at the forefront when it comes to supporting our Members, and so we have produced a pack for our newly qualified Members with ideas and downloads to help you on your way.


How to Holiday-proof Your Business

reflexology holiday 250 76


As a business owner, leaving to have some time off for a week or two can feel a little overwhelming, there are so many things to arrange.

Whether it’s for the festive season, your summer holiday,  or maybe a few days away   

Have a check on our top tips on how to holiday-proof your business.

Free Personalised Brochures & Leaflets for Members

What Is Reflexology Leaflet
Since the recent launch of our new PR Members Downloads series, we have had a lot of requests for new additions and general reflexology leaflets for you to distribute in your area. So, we have produced the first of these and, if you are a PR member, these are 100% free of charge

But that’s not all - we will personalise them for you with your “practice” name, phone number, Email address and website links as well.

This is our way of saying thank-you for your support! All you need to do is fill in the form with the information, and we will email them, ready to print, within 3 working days.  (Don't forget to log in first)

“What is Reflexology” (a 3-fold, 2-sided information brochure in colour or black & white)
“What is Reflexology” (A5 2-sided flyer in colour or black & white)

member directory

Members.... Please ensure that your Directory details and your webpage are up to date and published.

Publication does not happen automatically, because we cannot post Member details on our website without your permission, and it is up to each Member to make sure that their entries are up to date.
It is really easy to update your membership details. Log into the Member Area, and open the ‘Edit My Details’ menu. For example, if you move or change your telephone number you can change this under ‘Edit My Personal Details’. This contains contact details PR need for Member registration, but are not published.

‘Edit My Webpage and Listing’ details are those which will appear in your directory listing and on your personal webpage. Please remember that everything that you put into your practice details will be published, so for example, if you work from home and do not want your full address to be published simply don't complete that section.
You must publish your postcode for the directory, but you can just use the first part for privacy if you wish e.g. SW19 or CV34.

Please check your details to make sure that they are correct. It will only take a couple of moments do so, and it would be a shame not to take advantage of these free benefits giving such great publicity for your practice.

What is Reflexology?

what is reflexology
Reflexology can be many things to many people.
But please don't think of it as a foot massage.
Reflexology is a precise complementary therapy, not to be confused with a beauty treatment.  Nor thought of as an alternative to conventional medicine, but as complementary to any medical treatment being received.

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Choosing a Reflexologist

find reflexologist

We believe that it is essential in choosing a reflexologist
that you should be able to have complete confidence, safe in the knowledge that your therapist is well trained, fully qualified, and competent to treat you and your problem professionally. All Professional Reflexology Members PRM meet our stringent requirements for Membership.

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 A Significant Decrease in PMS Symptoms

pmt pms reflexology 250A controlled study* carried out among a group of volunteers who had previously complained of distress from PMS symptoms has shown a significant decrease in these symptoms following reflexology treatment.

Taking place in California, the study ran over six months with the participants recording their symptoms, both physical and psychological, throughout. During the middle two months, the volunteers were divided into two groups each of these being treated by qualified reflexologists; however, individuals in one group received eight 'genuine' reflexology treatments and the other group eight placebo treatments. Within the placebo group, the therapists worked with areas not relevant to the treatment of this condition. Both groups believed that they were receiving genuine reflexology.

In Praise of Reflexology: a Client's Experience by Prof. Angie Hobbs PhD FRSA

angie hobbs

Prominent British Philosopher, Prof. Angie Hobbs gives us a fascinating insight into her reflexology journey... 

"As a Professor in Philosophy, I approached reflexology twenty years ago with some wariness. I have a PhD in Ancient Philosophy from the University of Cambridge and I am not, I think, at all 'suggestible. I am trained in rational scepticism; I like to see a strong argument based on evidence.
So at my first session, when my reflexologist asked me about my symptoms and medical history, I said that I should prefer to say nothing and see what she diagnosed during the treatment... 

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Could Reflexology Help Tinnitus?
reflexology and tinnitus

We know a client 'Alex' believes it helped him. Tinnitus is a condition, or to be more precise, a symptom of the underlying condition(s) involving a sensation of sound when no external sound exists...

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 Hagar Basis: Reflexology and Fertility Issues

Hagar Basis 250x250

Hagar Basis,
principal of the PR Affiliated Reflexology Academy in London recently talked with the Israeli Reflexology Association about her approach to reflexology and fertility issues. 

Hagar teaches internationally and last year was a speaker at the Reflexology in Europe Network (RiEN) Conference in Brussels, and later this year she will be speaking in Taiwan at the ICR conference once again presenting  Reflexology for Women’s Health. 

1. Is conventional medicine in England being supportive of alternative medicine and specifically reflexology in case of fertility issues?

Complementary and alternative medicines (CAMs) like reflexology are treatments that fall outside of mainstream healthcare in the UK. Complementary therapies in NHS (National Health System) hospitals are usually provided free by volunteering therapists.

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I Believe Reflexology Really Helped My Bell's Palsy

Olivia 250

For anyone who has had it, you know how scary it can be. Luckily for me, I’m aware of the condition and diagnosed myself rather quickly. I couldn’t close my eye, lift my lips to smile or feel the left side of my tongue. A virus causes the trigeminal nerve to stop working, basically, causing facial paralysis and the face to drop.

Scary, but not life-threatening!

Day One wasn’t fun...You don’t know how much you use your facial muscles until they no longer work. Eating, drinking, pouting (no selfies for me for a while...) were all extremely difficult. My words were slurred, ironically the hardest thing to say was “Bell’s Palsy.” I couldn’t blink, causing my eye to dry up making it difficult to see.

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Reflexology and Fertility

Reflexology For FertilityThere's no doubt that treatments for infertility and subfertility can be emotionally exhausting, highly stressful, and also very expensive. Reflexologist Natasha Ellison suggests that reflexology may help. Fertility expert Zita West estimates that one in six couples face issues when trying for a baby – and the number having problems conceiving is growing.

There can be many reasons that may hamper falling pregnant, but often women find themselves in the frustrating situation of not being given any specific cause for their conception issues, despite the various medical tests and assessment they have undergone. Understandably this can cause great stress and a Catch-22 situation: a pregnancy won't occur until you relax, which is nearly impossible because you're worried you can't get pregnant. Worry and anxiety over not being able to have children can create very physical conditions that prevent conception.

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I wish I had Taken my Reflexologist More Seriously

i wish i had taken my reflexologist seriously
Seven years ago I was visiting my reflexologist at six weekly intervals, which I fully believe kept my whole body working correctly, and without pain. This was following decades, pre reflexology, of back problems, chiropractors, acupuncture, etc. when stress was causing the muscles to tighten and 'pull' my back out! I was enjoying life again, swimming and dancing, caring for my grandchild of five years, with the lifting that entails, all without a problem.

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Is it all in the mind?
its all in the mind

All Reflexologists have heard this said at one time or another.
'There is no scientific proof' is another. But are they right?

It is true to say that the bulk of evidence in favour  of reflexology is anecdotal, nevertheless, there is an increasing body of scientific evidence

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Reflexology and Hay Fever

hay feverreflexology

Most of us look forward to spring and the promise of summer
 but to others, it can be miserable because of Hay Fever.

Some get minor symptoms whilst others can be confined to home with the windows closed. Runny nose, sore itchy eyes; sneezing and wheezing, hay fever can ruin your summer.

It can bring on sinus problems and trigger asthma. Hay Fever is now so common that during the summer months weather reports are accompanied by a pollen count prediction often sponsored by a brand of anti-histamine preparation But for those of us who prefer a complementary approach what can we do?

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Reflexology For Sinuses (A Client's Perspective)

 reflexology sinus
Every month I pay a lady to handle my feet!
My wife is of the opinion that I don't pay her anywhere near what she deserves. She wouldn't touch them at any price! Now, strangely enough, I agree with my wife, but for very different reasons.

This lady is a reflexologist and has now been treating me regularly for over ten years. Why you may ask. I'll tell you! Because my sinuses were in a terrible mess!

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