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Reflexology for Stress & Anxiety Leaflets & Flyers

reflexology for stress and anxiety



With many of us in the UK back to work or nearly there, we decided it was time to release our next in our very popular series of free personalised leaflets & flyers for PR Members. And what better subject than “Reflexology for Stress & Anxiety” considering so many clients and potential clients are suffering more than ever from stress.

All you need to do is click the picture to go to the “Member Downloads” area, fill in the form with your practice and contact details and we will send them to you! It’s as simple as that.

PR's "Returning to Work" Members Pack.
Returning to work social media pack


Here is our "Return to Work Pack" for Reflexologists.

It includes the things we feel are useful for all Reflexologists in the lead up to returning to treat clients. Even if you aren't looking at returning as soon as we can, you can certainly make use of what's in there when you do including Risk Assessments, Client Declarations, Checklists, Social Media Graphics, other graphics plus much more!

It will be updated as and when we have more information and guidance from the government and will let you know when things get altered...

Click the picture and head to Member downloads

Professional Reflexology Podcasts 

professional reflexology podcast


Podcasts have quickly become a fantastic way to catch up with a wide range of subjects and Reflexology is no exception.

PR has produced a great set of podcasts with well-known contributors from the world of Reflexology, plus clients and supporters of our therapy, sharing their opinions.

All ready for you so just click the picture to listen in!

Three New PR Affiliated Schools

professional reflexology schools

At PR we are pleased to announce that three new Affiliated Schools with four new venues will be teaching the Professional Reflexology Practioner Diploma (PRD) from Spring 2021.

This includes our first Affiliated School in Scotland, Jacq Munro's The Munro School of Complementary Therapies which offers two venues, one in Glasgow and one in Aberdeen. 

Another first is the Judy Buckley School of Reflexology. Our first Affiliated School in Ireland

In Sussex, we are joined by the Christina Lyne School of Reflexology.

Looking to train as a great Reflexologist? Choose a Professional Reflexology Affiliated School! 

"Did You Know" Facts for Social Media

DidYouKnow Reflexology Bundle


We have put together a “bundle” of Reflexology Facts for our Members to use on their various social media platforms, websites and newsletters.
We’re aware that as business owners it’s difficult sometimes to keep up with everything that needs to be done, so we want to make it easier for you! Please feel free to post these wherever you like with your own wording.
These are optimised for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and are available in a zip file in the Member’s section of the PR website.

Oh, and please don't forget to tag us x

Free Personalised Brochures & Leaflets for Members

What Is Reflexology Leaflet
Since the recent launch of our new PR Members Downloads series, we have had a lot of requests for new additions and general reflexology leaflets for you to distribute in your area. So, we have produced the first of these and, if you are a PR member, these are 100% free of charge

But that’s not all - we will personalise them for you with your “practice” name, phone number, Email address and website links as well.

This is our way of saying thank-you for your support! All you need to do is fill in the form with the information, and we will email them, ready to print, within 3 working days.  (Don't forget to log in first)

“What is Reflexology” (a 3-fold, 2-sided information brochure in colour or black & white)
“What is Reflexology” (A5 2-sided flyer in colour or black & white)

member directory

Members.... Please ensure that your Directory details and your webpage are up to date and published.

Publication does not happen automatically, because we cannot post Member details on our website without your permission, and it is up to each Member to make sure that their entries are up to date.
It is really easy to update your membership details. Log into the Member Area, and open the ‘Edit My Details’ menu. For example, if you move or change your telephone number you can change this under ‘Edit My Personal Details’. This contains contact details PR need for Member registration, but are not published.

‘Edit My Webpage and Listing’ details are those which will appear in your directory listing and on your personal webpage. Please remember that everything that you put into your practice details will be published, so for example, if you work from home and do not want your full address to be published simply don't complete that section.
You must publish your postcode for the directory, but you can just use the first part for privacy if you wish e.g. SW19 or CV34.

Please check your details to make sure that they are correct. It will only take a couple of moments do so, and it would be a shame not to take advantage of these free benefits giving such great publicity for your practice.

Can Reflexology Help Tinnitus?

Tinnitus sufferers can hear phantom noises in the ears which have been variously described as ringing, buzzing, whistling, hissing, clicking or whooshing. The noise may vary in intensity from low background noise to a high pitched squeal and may be in one or both ears. Occasionally the sound is so intense that it can interfere with the ability to concentrate or hear. These sounds can be constant or irregular and it is thought to affect almost 10% of the population to a greater or lesser degree. As with any condition we would recommend consulting a doctor, who may find a cause and be able to treat the tinnitus. But In many cases, there is no specific treatment. It may simply go away on its own, or it may be a permanent condition that the subject has to learn to "live with." Reflexology often becomes the last resort for clients who have tried every conventional method of dealing with their condition without success. And Alec certainly fell into this category when he came to book his first appointment. Suffering from tinnitus continually with no relief he had been unable to concentrate and his sense of balance was so impaired that he had lost his job as a painter and decorator.

As a result of the volume of debilitating noise in his head, his sleep was disturbed and he had reached the stage where he had actually considered suicide.

Conventional medicine had been unable to find a solution and so a friend suggested he should try Reflexology. Over the course of six treatments, the tinnitus improved to the extent that he was able to sleep normally and he had begun to look for a new job. This all took place around ten years ago and Alec has been free of the condition for most of that time only returning for the occasional 'top-up' Reflexology treatment.

This case study was, for this reflexologist and her client, a very happy result and I was privileged to be able to help. But there is also a lovely story that goes with it. Because Alec had lost his job he was unable to afford a course of treatment and so, as I had just moved house, we came to a mutually acceptable agreement. Instead of payment he would decorate the stairs and landing in my new home. Reflexology is really beneficial to both client and therapist and who said the barter system doesn't work?

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