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Many of you will have seen Saturday’s announcement.

As England will be going on a second national lockdown from Thursday, 5th November, all holistic therapy businesses will sadly have to close for the next 4 weeks.
We understand that this is incredibly frustrating news for us all. Just as we were getting back into the swing of things, it’s all changed again. There haven’t been any announcements as of yet regarding further financial help, however, we will be keeping you updated with this side of things as much as we can!

The good news is that we have been through this before and all learned so much the first time around, so we’ve put some little tips together below for what you can do that may help you between now and then:

1. Get in touch with your clients
Keep them in the loop with what’s happening, and what it means for them and you. Your clients will want to support and help you, as you support and help them.

2. Keep in touch with them during lockdown. You could send out health and wellness emails, keep your social media pages updated and offer them different ways of support from afar. Keeping you in their minds is important.

3. Encourage them to buy gift vouchers as Christmas presents
This is a great way to keep a little bit of cash flowing in whilst you’re unable to perform treatments. You could encourage them to purchase vouchers for themselves, or of course for friends & family yet to try the wonder of Reflexology!

4. Use your time wisely!
Is there anything that you didn’t get done in the last lockdown that is still hanging over you? If so, make a goal to finish it before returning to work. However, do remember to be kind to yourself. We are all wary about the unknown, and it’s ok to not get those things done, too!

Is there anything you learned from the first lockdown that helped you during it or for when you returned to work? We would love to hear from you and be able to pass this on to everyone, so let us know!

We’d like to end by saying, although we are a professional association, we are made up of very caring Reflexologists. If there is anything you need during this time - even if it’s just a chat to clear your head - our Member's helpline is always open (just log into your PR account for the number to call!) and we are here if you want to drop us an email. We will be keeping in touch with you throughout lockdown, as we did last time. We hope to help you get through this, and come out even stronger when we return in December.

Thank you so much for your feedback and support as ever.

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