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Welcome to the Manipura Academy of Reflexology
where you can learn reflexology at the highest level in the UK, enabling you to competently make a positive difference to the health and wellbeing of your clients. 

The Manipura Academy of Reflexology has accreditation via our partnership with Centralia, is a Member of Professional Reflexology, and is recognised by the Association of Reflexologists.

This is a very hands-on therapy and therefore a very hands-on course. The number of hours devoted by your tutor on face to face teaching, plus availability during non-teaching time, reflects the importance that is placed on making sure that you understand the course material, and develop good 'hands-on feet' techniques and routines so that you will confidently and competently help your future clients achieve good balance and better overall health and wellbeing.

Sarah likes to make the learning experience fun, but thorough and interesting. There is a good mix of workshops, interactive learning, hands-on feet, discussion, as well as formal lectures.

Previous courses have been a combination of students of various ages, backgrounds, careers etc., as well as different reasons for studying reflexology. Some had no experience of reflexology at all, whereas others had learnt simple relaxation routines that they used to help friends and family. Other attendees were already practicing Reflexologists, trained at a different level, who wanted to upgrade to Level 5 to expand their career opportunities. So, there is no one type of student in the class. 

Manipura Academy deliberately keeps enrolment numbers low (max 10 students)  so that students can benefit from interactive teaching experience, with the tutor being able to devote more time to individuals during teaching hours and also to provide more support to students in between the teaching sessions.

There are only 10 places available on each course, so early booking is advised

  • Minimum guaranteed face to face teaching hours - all Centralia Partnership Centres teach for a minimum of 160 hours - it is a "Hands-On" therapy.   
  • Fun, interactive learning, using a range of different learning styles. VERY Hands-on feet!     
  • Your tutor is an experienced Level 5 reflexologist, who still works within her own practice
  • You will be taught a range of routines that are unique to Level 5 courses and practitioners
  • No generic units - you will learn what you need to learn to be a reflexologist, rather than having to study a subject area that covers other therapies but is not relevant to becoming a reflexologist
  • All the assessments are appropriate to you becoming a highly knowledgeable reflexology practitioner who will be able to create unique individual treatment plans for your clients based on their specific health concerns. 


Key Information:

Principal: Sarah Luckham-Moseley

Venue: Red Brick Building, Glastonbury



Telephone: 07753107499

Facebook: @manipurareflexologyglastonbury  

Instagram: manipurareflexologyglastonbury

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