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Benefits of PR Membership

The Professional Reflexology Association (PR) is a Membership organisation representing only the best-trained Reflexologists in the UK, founded in 2010 by reflexologists with over 100 years of experience out of a need to raise and maintain the standards of our profession. We provide support, information, articles/research and online forums for our Members & Student Members, plus exceptional insurance with our partners Balens and much more. We have helped to develop the therapy, progress training, and assisted many new and established reflexologists in their everyday practice while promoting quality reflexology practised by our Members to the public.

Here are some benefits of being a full member Professional Reflexology Member:

  • Free Member tips, downloads & resources
    (including personalised leaflets flyers, gift vouchers, social media adverts & posts, etc). We understand that running your own business is time-consuming, so we’ve put together a number of downloads to complement your business and save you time in the process.
  • Member’s Reflexology Helpline
    to ask questions on reflexology, conditions or business. This is available within business days and hours and is a great opportunity for you to ask anything you’re unsure about.
  • Reflexology articles
    dedicated to making your practice a success plus interviews, research, marketing, and tips, plus so much more! These are exclusive to our members and include a whole library of information regarding Reflexology and things to help you grow as a therapist.
  • PR Podcasts
    with the best-known names in Reflexology, and upcoming member-only podcasts to help with your business. An amazing way to not only learn but a fantastic tool for you to share with your clients via social media.
  • Your own editable webpage
    inc. listing on our "Find A Reflexologist" directory. Professional Reflexology has one of the highest member criteria in the UK – this means that when your business is displayed on our site, clients can trust that you’ve undergone a minimum amount of training.
  • Access to the Facebook "PR Members Hub"
    where you can post questions, get help with any aspect of Reflexology, as well as vote on upcoming membership features. A great support group that also includes information about upcoming CPD courses from our affiliated schools.
  • Regular PR newsletters
    with updates, help and information. Featuring anything new that we’re releasing for our members, plus Reflexology news and articles.
  • The UK’s most comprehensive insurance package
    specially priced for Members. So you know you’ll be covered for exactly what you need.
  • Full & ongoing support and advice
    from practicing Reflexologists & tutors and from us here at Professional Reflexology. We are all Reflexologists and are so passionate about our therapy.
  • The letters "PRM" after your name
  • The iconic PR badge!

...and all this for only £59 per year (or £7 per month)

We always encourage ideas for articles, research and more. Have something you think would interest our Members? Let us know!

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