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Here you will find some brilliant CPD courses which we found difficult to put under just one heading. So, try your luck, browse, and you are bound to find something really interesting of benefit to you and your practice. Just click the links to find out more.



Gaia School of Natural Health "Crystal Reflex" (Wirral)
30th Jun

Gaia School of Natural Health "Crystal Intro" (Wirral)
18th June


 REFLEXOLOGY FOR STRESS: "A Key to Health & Wholeness"

This is a 2 Day Workshop presented by Hagar Basis in London.

Full Information & to Book: https://www.reflexologyacademylondon.com/courses/cpd-advanced/reflexology-for-stress

Date: Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th January 2021
Venue: The City College University House, 55 East Road, London N1 6AH

UK & International Course Dates

Friday 2nd & Saturday 3rd October 2020 in The Hague, Netherlands
contact Floor Tuinstra info@floortuinstra.nl

Brecon, Wales UK - 9th & 10th October 2021
Contact: Helen Shepphard helensheppard9@googlemail.com

The Hague, The Netherlands - 15th & 16th May 2021
Contact Floor Tuinstra info@floortuinstra.nl

We need a certain level of stress to thrive in life but when stress escalates significantly it disrupts our health and wellbeing and consequently can lead to serious dis-ease. The emerging science of Psycho-Neuro-Immunology (PNI), gives us a deeper understanding of stress and the Mind Body connection. PNI identifies the direct links between psychological distress and illness.

Reflexology is a useful tool not only for tackling high stress levels but also reducing the impact of persistent stress on our bodies. During the 2-day workshop we will learn specific restorative reflexology techniques and approaches to combat stress, its related disorders, and to help initiate bodymind equilibrium. The reflexology practice will encourage our awareness back into the body, highlighting the importance of being centred (grounded).

This hands-on practical workshop will teach a specific bi-manual integrated approach to working the reflexes, enhancing your reflexology practice through experiential learning.

The practical aspect of this workshop will focus on the following:

1. The intestinal reflex link and the Gut Brain
2. Endocrine System Balance /HPA (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis)
3. Working the Spinal reflexes (Autonomic Nervous System ANS)
4. Vagus Nerve Stimulation
5. The Toes – Energetic Gateway
6. The 3 diaphragms of the body
7. The Psoas Connection

Power Reflexology (London)
Thursday 24th September


Indian Head Massage (London)
Thursday 16th July


First Aid (London)
Sunday 19th July


Vertical Reflexology: VRT Reflexology and Movement with Lynne Booth 

Sunday 6 September  
Venue Pax Lodge Conference Centre 12C Lyndhurst Rd, Hampstead, London Venue Postcode: NW3 5PQ
Event Date: 
Cost: £120  (£99.00 Earlybird until June 1st)


Tiny Toes Reflexage  Tutor: Emma Baxter PRM

10th-11th October
Weekend CPD course 10-5 both days, lunch provided
Limited places available.
£275 for weekend course 0r £320 for distance learning


Save your Thumbs – Southampton
20th September 2020


Introduction to AromaFlex & AromaFlex (Full Course)
17th October 2020


Chi Medics: Via the Feet Courses   

27th & 28th June- Dublin Nrri  Unit 1

4th & 5th July-Swansea Unit 1

11th & 12th July- Devon Unit 1

3rd & 4th October- Devon Unit 2


Chi Medics Foundations Advanced Clinical Reflexology  

6th & 7th June- Stockton

20th & 21st June- Lisburn NI


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