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The School of Precision Reflexology, now based in Somerset, offers the only recognised training in Precision Reflexology worldwide.

Training centres on the "linking" technique, unique to Precision Reflexology. This connects specific reflex points of the feet and unites with the subtle energy of the client to achieve homeostasis.

Precision Reflexology is a light-touch approach which is both powerful and precise – relying on a person's energy rather than pressure – and can be used as a standalone treatment or incorporated easily into other reflexology sequences. It is particularly effective when working with fragile clients or those finding it hard to release held emotions within the body.

Principal Susie Ray is a reflexologist based in Frome, Somerset. Since qualifying in 2005 she has been actively involved in the field of reflexology running area groups, sitting on committees, assistant tutoring and teaching parents and carers how to give reflexology to their babies and toddlers.

Susie has a holistic view of health, ensuring mind, body and spirit are part of the healing journey. Her aim is always to empower people to take control and ownership of their health. She believes that using reflexology to treat the whole person instead of individual ailments or symptoms is one of the most effective forms of preventative healthcare.

Susie says, "It is an honour to be taking over the reins from Jan in becoming the custodian of the School. Precision Reflexology forms an integral part of my approach to holistic wellness. Over the years, I have seen incredible results with this form of reflexology and I'm delighted to be able to continue to share this wonderful technique."

The School of Precision Reflexology Information

School Location: Frome, Somerset
Principal: Susie Ray

Venue: The Bennett Centre, Vicarage Street, Frome, Somerset, BA11 1PU
Telephone: 07966 888 901
Email Address:


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