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Recognition for Reflexology

The raison d'etre for the Professional Reflexology Association has always been the promotion and maintenance of the highest standards of training, treatment and Membership for Reflexologists.

It has become clear from both the overwhelming feedback from our recent Reflexology Survey and the sheer number of recent emails, social media posts and petitions that what reflexologists want and are looking for is greater recognition and understanding of our profession and the benefits it offers in the wider healthcare field.

We have given a great deal of thought over the last few months to the ways in which our goal of recognition our therapy deserves can be reached, (unfortunately there is not an overnight, "quick fix" solution), and we consider that there are two areas where we should begin:

We must look first at the standards and quality of training available

Maintaining and promoting high standards of training is the future of our profession. Unless we are able to show that reflexologists are trained to a professional level then the overall impression and understanding will not improve. These standards are the measure by which our profession will be judged, and recognition of the efforts we make in this area will be reflected in the recognition of our therapy.

We are sure that our Members & friends will agree that it would be impossible to be trained as a first-class reflexologist without adequate time face-to-face with a tutor who themselves is a qualified, practising reflexologist.

We are, therefore, today launching a campaign to publicise far more rigorously the excellent courses which do give that level of training, and the exceptional professional reflexologists who have trained on them.

The second part of our plan for recognition is research

As reflexologists, we all know how beneficial reflexology can be, as do our clients. However, one of the problems we have faced over the years, certainly in the UK, is that the research that has been done into the efficacy of reflexology has often been dismissed as unacceptable.

PR is in the process of putting together a major research project. Our aim is that through this project we will be able to improve the perception and recognition of our therapy with the public, regulators and Government. This project entails a huge amount of work in preparation in order for the results to be taken seriously.

It is important that this research is carried out in a professional and coordinated manner and to this end, we will be producing packs which let you know how to go about the research and what is necessary to complete it successfully. At this stage, to register your interest in taking part, please complete the short form below.

So there it is - this is not something we are embarking on lightly and we are committed to this being the catalyst to propel Reflexology forward into the position it deserves to be. Obviously, no one person can do this on their own, but together we can make a huge difference.

Thank you for your attention and we hope you will join us on this campaign by filling in the form below!

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