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My name is Carole Rawlinson and I am a fully qualified Reflexologist with a passion for sharing my knowledge, understanding and experience of this wonderful holistic therapy.  

As my private practice has developed, I find myself answering more and more questions on Reflexology, what is it, how does it work, what can it do for me, not just from clients but also other therapists and members of the public. With the advancements in Social Media, the interest in Reflexology has grown and being prepared to answer questions and explain the therapy in a way people can understand, has motivated me to open the CR Reflexology School

The School aims to focus on pure Reflexology techniques, providing in-depth knowledge and understanding to ensure each Student has a solid foundation to work from; giving them support every step of the way, and allowing each student to build their confidence to become a successful Reflexologist.  I pride myself on aftercare support in both my private practice and in my School, where we take this journey together.

I look forward to welcoming new students onto the course and aim to share and demonstrate what makes reflexology so great, with you leaving as passionate about the benefits of reflexology as I am.

CR Reflexology School Information

Areas: Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire, West Sussex, Oxfordshire, Greater London

Principals: Carole Rawlinson PRM

Venue: Berystede Hotel and Spa, Bagshot Rd, Sunninghill, Ascot SL5 9JH

Website:  |   Email:  |  Telephone: 07768 555 203


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