Women’s Health


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Presented by Hagar Basis.

This workshop will provide Reflexologists with the necessary tools and techniques to apply during the powerful and transforming processes unique in all stages of a woman's life. Menstruation, fertility; through to the onset of menopause and including the development of female sexuality, are naturally intense internal physical and psychological experiences unique to women.  

Dates and Venues

15th & 16th Feb (Belfast),

22nd & 23rd Feb (Brecon),

7th & 8th March (Dublin),

25th & 26th  (Northern Ireland),

15th & 16th May (London),

30th & 31st May (Athens),

25th & 26th July (Cork),

2nd & 3rd October (The Hague, Netherlands),

17th & 18th Oct (Madrid),

14th & 15th November (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

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