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What is World Reflexology Week? 

Simply put, "WRW" is an annual global event held to promote the awareness, benefits and all-round qualities of this great therapy. It is also a fantastic time for Reflexologists to promote themselves, and PR has you covered for doing just that!

Ideas to Promote World Reflexology Week 2023

If you’re stuck for ideas on how to make World Reflexology Week work for you and your business, we have rounded up some fantastic suggestions under 3 different categories. We also have a #WRW bundle including graphics, posters & email templates (found in the “Downloads” section in the Members Area), taking out the hard work for you! Just CLICK HERE 

If you’re a Social Media Whizz (or want to give it a go!):

  • Do a daily reel from 18.09 to 24.09. These can be pre-recorded so it’s not a rush at the time. Hand Reflexology is an amazing way of giving your followers helpful content, whilst promoting you and Reflexology. Pick 6 different areas that you’d like to show – one for each day – and bring them all together on the last day! Remember this year is all about Wellbeing so make it relevant to that.

  • Host a Facebook or Instagram Live event. You could do this with a Reflexology colleague or go solo. Chat about how Reflexology can help those seeking to improve their well-being. Make sure you promote it on all your social pages, email lists etc. Doing it with a friend makes it less nerve-wracking and ups the number of people you’re likely to have come and listen.

  • Ask your clients before World Reflexology Week what it is that they specifically LOVE about Reflexology. Put their words onto posts in Canva and let it do the talking for you.

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If in-person is more your thing:

  • Taster sessions. These are a great way of getting people to try Reflexology that maybe haven’t before. You could do this from your treatment room, promoting it to your clients and in your local area. This is a great way to chat to potential new clients and spread the word of Reflexology!

  • Give a talk. This sounds overwhelming at first, however, we have a fantastic article on the PR site with tips on how to make it go smoothly. (Click here to have a read!) This could be to your local WI, Mums & Tots Club, whoever you think might be interested and benefit from your treatments. 

  • Promote WRW in your treatment room. You needn’t do anything with this one – a few posters up to let people know that people around the world are celebrating our wonderful therapy.

If you’re thinking BIG...

  • Contact your local radio. If you want to chat about the amazing benefits of Reflexology for Wellbeing, you can’t get much better than your local radio station. You don’t need to do a big long chat – simply point out the benefits of Reflexology. You could even promote an event (if you’re holding one) while you’re on the air! Click here for tips on making a press release

  • Write to your local newspaper. This is great if the thought of talking live fills you with dread. Write ahead of #WRW and tell them what it’s all about, why it’s a fabulous therapy and how it could benefit their readers.

  • Approach your local GPs. Lots of GPs are very amenable to the suggestion of Reflexology. You could offer taster sessions, volunteering or to just come in and do a talk to the team there.

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