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professional reflexology podcast logoWelcome to the PR Podcast 

Join Martyn Finke and Olivia Hart from PR where they aim to give insights into what is Reflexology, how it works, success stories, journeys and anything else you can think of to do with this amazing therapy, along with listeners questions, plus interviews with a host of very special guests.

We also have some special "members only" podcasts coming up focussing on building businesses, marketing, reflexology advice and much more so keep a look out.

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PR Podcast Special: “Ask Us Anything” with Hagar Basis and the PR Team

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We are about to record a special episode of the PR podcast and have invited our good friend Hagar Basis from Reflexology Academy back to help us. This time we are answering your questions regarding absolutely anything at all to do with Reflexology.

So...we need your help, and there are 2 ways to get involved:

1 - For those who want to appear on the podcast: Using your voice message app on your phone, state your name, business name and where you are from, followed by your question. Then simply forward it to with the subject "AMA" for us to put to the panel on the show.

2 - For everyone else: Just comment below, send us a message, or Email support@professionalreflexology with your questions :)

This should be such a fun and informative episode, and we can’t wait to hear back from you!

PR Podcast with Dr Julia Boon

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This episode is another very important one for Reflexology and complementary therapies in general.
We wanted to follow up our last episode with Dr Angie Hobbs with another unique take on things, and this time our special guest is Dr Julia Boon who is a senior partner in a busy general medical practice in the Midlands, UK but also trained as a reflexologist and is a huge supporter of it.

As we all know, the relationship between Complementary therapies and the medical profession has often been a point of contention so this podcast is another must-listen for lots of us. Her views on sceptics, how complementary therapies could help the NHS in the future and how she uses reflexology herself are definitely something to be heard!

One quick note: at one point when discussing reflexology and pregnancy, they mention “SPD” which is Symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) A condition that can cause discomfort in the pelvic region.

So thank you for joining us again, and we hope you enjoy listening to Dr Boon talking with PR’s Martyn Finke now, on the PR Podcast!


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PR Podcast #004 with Dr Angie Hobbs

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Hi again and welcome to the Professional Reflexology Podcast! 
This episode is a very special one not only for us but for Reflexology in general. Our guest is Dr Angie Hobbs who some of you will have seen on TV, heard on the radio and read her articles in the newspapers over the years. She is Professor of the Public Understanding of Philosophy at the University of Sheffield

Why is this such an important podcast? Well, Dr Hobbs has been having reflexology treatments for the last 25 years from Wendy Finke of Three Shires Reflexology. Obviously, with Angie being a scientist, many of you who are reflexologists or those of you who have had reflexology will know the struggle we have to convince the nay-sayers and sceptics of the therapy of how amazing we know it is, so her perspective and thoughts on it all are fascinating! You’ll hear about Angie’s journey from the start,  struggles with pregnancy, serious illnesses and her coming to trust and rely on Reflexology through her and her ongoing professional and personal friendship with Wendy, plus a lot more.

So please do share this with as many people as you possibly can – not only is this a great listen it’s also a fantastic advert for the therapy too. Thank you, and we hope you enjoy this as much as we did!



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PR Podcast 003 with Jan Williamson
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Based in Devon, Jan Williamson is Principal of The School of Precision Reflexology She is an experienced Reflexology tutor, yoga teacher and author. She teaches precision work through her CPD courses, both in the UK and abroad.
Precision work is unusual in that it is not reliant on force or physical pressure to achieve its aims. Each client is treated as an individual and receives the benefits in a manner that is effective for them at the time that they receive the treatment. In this way, each person's own energies are used in the healing process and will be appropriate on all levels of their being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Jan and our director Martyn have known each other and been friends for over twenty years which makes for a really interesting chat! To listen, just search for us on your podcast app, or listen at any of the links below:



PR Podcast Episode #002 w/ Guests Moss & Sharon Arnold (Chi Medics & Chi Reflexology) 

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 The Professional Reflexology Podcast returns with a very interesting episode. Martyn & Olivia are joined by very special guests Sharon & Moss Arnold from Chi-Reflexology and Chi-Medics. After being at the forefront of Reflexology in Australia for over 20 years and now located in the UK, they have a wealth of experiences and stories to share and this makes for a very interesting show!

The PR Podcast aims to give insights into what Reflexology is, how it works, success stories, journeys and anything else you can think of to do with this amazing therapy, along with listeners questions, plus interviews with a whole host of very special guests in every episode.

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PR Podcast Episode #01 w/ Guest Hagar Basis (Reflexology Academy)

PR podcast 01 hagar basis


Welcome to the first episode of the PR Podcast! Join Martyn Finke from Professional Reflexology and guest Hagar Basis from the Reflexology Academy in London for a great discussion about the therapy. Covering travelling, history, journeys, techniques, and much more. They also discuss the recent comments from Dr Hilary Jones on Reflexology on his appearance on the Lorraine TV show and how sceptics view complementary therapies, plus they answer questions from the public and reflexologists.


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