Newly Qualified Hats Off

A Big "Hats Off" to you from Professional Reflexology!!

The hard work has paid off, and now you are fully qualified. We would like to invite you to join PR as a Full Member, and to use the letters PRM after your name showing that you are one of the best trained Reflexologists in the UK. (No need to wait for certificates PR accepts your schools word on graduation!)

To upgrade to Full Membership:

  • Click Join Now on the Main Menu at the top of the page.
  • Complete the registration form. (Make sure to remember your username and password)
  • Click Apply and Pay for Membership. This will take you to the subscription page.
  • Complete your payment details.

Your Membership is approved manually and this may take a short time. You will now be able to apply for insurance.

  • Click on Member Insurance to download the proposal form.

Congratulations from all of us, the best of luck on your new journey and remember, PR is here to help you!

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