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Have you ever thought about teaching Reflexology?

Have you ever wondered about passing on the knowledge you have gained over time in practice? Have you ever wondered how to go about it? Read on!

What is the PRD? Wendy Finke Professional Reflexology

Based on our research via surveys and discussions with members and students, we decided in 2018 to launch our own qualification, the Professional Reflexology Practitioner Diploma (PRD).

We developed the qualification where the emphasis was on practical reflexology. There is plenty of underpinning knowledge of course, but it is the only qualification where minimum face-to-face practical training is specified.

Another aspect we are proud of is that we are dedicated to making use of technology and keeping it as "green" as we possibly can. In our own schools, we have developed and tested an easy-to-operate “cloud” based system that will be invaluable, not only for students but in helping schools to administer coursework, case studies, etc. This will keep paperwork and printing to an absolute minimum.

We are absolutely committed to ensuring that our quality assurance is robust and maintains the highest standards for our courses. Our cloud system will enable both internal and external verifiers to access & evaluate standards as the course progresses.

Why Run a PR School? 

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Since its inception, the PRD has been taught in several schools around the UK, and its students have gone on to be successful practising reflexologists, with the tutors reporting it is easy to teach and our innovative recording and verification methods simple to use, but very effective in ensuring the required depth and quality of knowledge.

The PRD was written and assessed to ensure compliance with the latest core curriculum and described as “impressive”. 

Orientated toward the requirements of the modern student and their future as a practising reflexologist, the PRD presents the perfect mix of practical and theory with a focus on developing the student's future business.

Aside from the “core units”, each school chooses additional units from our discretionary list. This means you will be able to teach, and gain recognition for, subject areas about which you are passionate, which has a positive & inspiring effect on the learning experiences of the students.

With the PRD, you will get continual, friendly expert support to help make your school a success. We offer a full range of backup promotional materials for use with social media. We also offer advice and, if you need, text for use on your website.

We guarantee you an exclusive area in which to run your school, and you will have access to a full course, laid out with a year planner, handouts, power points and individual session plans.

You will also have a full range of tutor notes, ideas and prompts to help you make your course successful, and you can make use of as much or as little as you wish!

Interested to find out more?

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